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(Biography adapted from obituary in the The Times)

TP McKenna was a prolific and versattile character actor who performed regularly on stage, film and television for 50 years.  One of the most gifted of Irish actors of his generation to make his career in England, he made his stage debut at the tiny Pike Theatre in Dublin in 1953 as John Buchanan in Tennessee Williams' Summer and Smoke before successfully branching out into film appearing alongside everyone from Richard Burton (in Anne of the Thousand Days, 1969) and Dustin Hoffman (Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs 1971) to Johnny Depp (The Libertine 2004).

Few Irish actors were to become as qualified as McKenna to play all the leading character parts, from Shaw and Shakespeare to Ibsen and Chekov.  He was undoubtedly one of Ireland's most accomplished Joycean actors with a reputation in classical Irish drama from Synge to O'Casey.

Love Story: Give My Love
to the Pilchards ATV (1965)
McKenna, though, was not content to master only the stage.  In the 1960s he appearedin a variety of popular television dramas including The Avengers, Dangerman, The Saint  and Adam Adamant.  In the following decades he was in a host of television staples such as The Sweeney, Minder, Blakes 7, Casualty, Doctor Who, Lovejoy and Inspector Morse.

McKenna's lengthy filmography ranges from his earliest appearances in three 1959 films, Broth of a Boy, Home is the Hero and Shake Hands with the Devil  to The Girl with Green Eyes (1964), Ulysses (1967), Charge of the Light Brigade (1968),  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1977), Britannia Hopsital (1982) and The Libertine.
Holocaust (1978)
He had an early, uncredited role in the IRA-Nazi drama A Terrible Beauty (1961) but despite a common mis-conception went on to appear only twice as a Nazi on film - as an SS commander in the US mini-series Holocaust  (with Meryl Streep) and when he played Himmler in the TV movie Scarlet and the Black, alongside Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer and John Gielgud in 1983.

Thomas Patrick McKenna was born at Mullagh, Co.Cavan, Ireland, in 1929 and educated at Mullagh School and St.Patrick's College, Cavan, where he performed in several Gilbert & Sullivan operas.  After leaving school he joined the Ulster Bank in Grannard, Co.Longford, and worked in banking for the next five years.  However, he remained set on becoming an actor and left to train for the stage at the Abbey School of Acting in Dublin.

Early Portrait
After his stage debut at the Pike,  McKenna played a season at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, with Anew McMaster's Shakespearean company, before spending eight years at the old Abbey in Dublin, the oldest national theatre in the British Isles where he played at least a hundred roles, including Jamie, his favourite role, in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey in Night (1962).

The play that brought him to London was Stephen D.  This was an adaptation by Hugh Leonard from James Joyce's autobiographical novels.  It tranferred to the West End from the Dublin theatre festival.  McKenna played Cranly, the argumentative student friend of Stephen Dedalus (Norman Rodway).  It moved to the St.Martin's in 1963 from the Dublin Gate.

McKenna stayed on when the London run ended and soon found work as the Irishman O'Keefe in J.P.Donleavy's The Ginger Man (Ashcroft, Croydon).  Then he went to the Royal Court Theatre in Lindsay Anderson's revival of Julius Caesar (1964);  the next year he took over as the Burglar in Shaw's Too Good to be True (Garrick).

Summoned back to Dublin for the reopening of the Abbey Theatre in 1966 he played in Recall the Years.  He was proud to be listed as one of the Abbey's honorary life members.  He went on to play George in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  and Ned in Eugene McCabe's play, Breakdown, at the subsequent Dublin theatre festival.  McKenna won the Dublin Evening Herald award as the year's best actor.

Nottingham Playhouse, 1967
Returning to England in 1968 he joined Stuart Burge at Nottingham Playhouse.  In a revival of King John, the usually disdained, dark play by Shakespeare, McKenna played with fine understanding Philip Faulconbridge, bastard son of Richard I, and was a powerful presence on the stage.

Jonathan Miller's thoughful revival of The School for Scandal  brought another lively performance by McKenna as Joseph Surface, and a compelling Tirgorin in Chekov's The Seagull.  He was a good Macduff to Barry Foster's Macbeath, and his debut as director of The Playboy of the Western World was, according to The Times, "better than the Abbey's own recent version".

The Contractor (1969/70)
Royal Court Theatre/Fortune London
Back at the Royal Court in 1969 McKenna played Fitzpatrick, a bitter-sweet Irishman, in David Storey's The Contractor, which moved into West End at the Fortune.  For the 1971-72 season he joined the RSC at the Aldwych.  He played Robert Hands in James Joyce's Exiles  and the Bishop in Genet's The Balcony.

In 1973 he spent some time in Dublin:  after Andrew Wyke in Anthony Shaffer's thriller, Sleuth, he directed Thomas Kilroy's The Death and Resurrection of Mr.Roche at the new Abbey Theatre.  In 1975 he played at Watford Palace in Don Taylor's Out on the Lawn  before rejoining the RSC as the Preacher in Shaw's The Devil's Disciple  (Aldwych).  Returning to Dublin in the mid-1970s as Captain Boyle in O'Casey's Juno and the Paycock, McKenna went on to play five parts in The Golden Cradle, taken from five plays by the Abbey Theatre.

Molly Sweeney (1994)
In the 1980s his parts included Gregers Werle in Ibsen's The Wild Duck (Guildford) and the Doctor in Chekov's The Seagull (Royal Court), as well as roles in Stewart Parker's Nightshade (Dulin theatre festival), Brian Friel's The Communication Cord (Hampseatd Theatre), Mary O'Malley's Talk of the Devil  (Watford), Ibsen's A Doll's House (Haymarket, Leicester), and the title role in Uncle Vanya  (Gate, Dublin).  He also directed O'Casey's Shadow of a Gunman  (Crucible, Sheffield).  In the 1990s his roles included Francisco in Webster's The White Devil  (National Theatre, London) and Gaev in The Cherry Orchard (Gate, Dublin, 1992);  he also appeared in Friel's Molly Sweeney (Gate & Almeida 1994).  In 2005, in a Chekhovian revival by Tom Cairns at the Lyttelton of Friel's 1979 play, Aristocrats, McKenna played - in a brief, doddering appearance - the father of five blighted children.

TP at the Gate Theatre, Dublin
McKenna appeared in The Avengers three times in the Sixties, alongside Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thornson.  He was also conspicuous in The Duchess of Malfi (1972), The Changeling (1974), To the Lighthouse (1982) and Bleak House (1985).  His later television appearances included Heartbeat (1992) and Ballykissangel (1996).

McKenna was married to May White, who predeceased him.  He is survived by four sons and a daughter.

T.P. McKenna, actor, was born on September 7, 1929.  He died on February 13, 2011, aged 81  



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... aka "5th Day of Peace" - USA (DVD title)
... aka "The Fifth Day of Peace" - USA
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... aka "The Condemned Man" - International (English title) (literal title)
195.Johnny Nobody (1961) [Actor .... Garda (policeman)]
196.Freedom to Die (1961) [Actor .... Mike]
197.Das schwarze Schaf (1960) [Actor]
198.The Siege of Sidney Street (1960) [Actor .... Lapidos]
199.A Terrible Beauty (1960) [Actor .... A McIntyre Boy] (uncredited)
... aka "The Night Fighters" - USA
200.Shake Hands with the Devil (1959) [Actor .... Unknown] (uncredited)
201.Home Is the Hero (1959) [Actor .... Young Man at Dance]
202.Broth of a Boy (1959) [Actor .... Holmes]
... aka "The Big Birthday" - Ireland (English title)



Credits appear in chronological sequence in the order of:-

First Performance

An Ceann Comhairle
Blaithin Agus An Mac Ri
26 December 1953

Maistir an tSaircis
Sonia Agus An Bodach
Padraig O Siochfhradha
21 December 1954

Comhairleoiri eile
An Coimisinear
Tomas O Suilleabhain
17 March 1955

Mortimer Clyne
The Glorious Uncertainty
Brinsley Mac Namara
29 March 1955

Lieut. Langon
The Plough and the Stars
Sean O'Casey
25 April 1955

Na Comharsan
An Posadh
Douglas Hyde
09 May 1955

Oliver Lexington
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
John McCann
25 July 1955

Na Comharsan
An Posadh
Douglas Hyde
08 August 1955

Kieron White
The Will and the Way
Michael J Molloy
05 September 1955

Colonel Blake
Rutherford Mayne
10 October 1955

An tabhairne Saoirse
Risteard De Paor
05 November 1955

Ulysses Agus Penelope
Eoghan O Tuairisc
26 December 1955

Sean Scully
The Big Birthday
Hugh Leonard
23 January 1956

Judgement On James O'Neill
Francis Mc Manus
20 February 1956

The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet
George Bernard Shaw
20 February 1956

An American
Is The Priest At Home
Joseph Tomelty
05 March 1956

This Other Eden
Louis Lynch D' Alton
31 March 1956

Frankie O'Carolan
Twenty Years A-Wooing
John McCann
30 April 1956

Johnny Boyle
Juno and the Paycock
Sean O'Casey
14 May 1956

Willie Shanahan
Early and Often
John McCann
16 July 1956

Iomrall Aithne
Gearoid Mac An Bhua
13 August 1956

John George Smyly
Strange Occurance on Ireland's Eye
Denis Johnston
20 August 1956

The Embezzler
The Quare Fellow
Brendan Behan
08 October 1956

Sir John Fitzwilliam
Gunna Cam agus Slabhra
Sean O'Tuama Oir
21 October 1956

The Red Man
Winter Wedding
Tomas Mac Anna
26 November 1956

Alfred Wilson
A Leap in the Dark
Hugh Leonard
21 January 1957

Sergeant Peter Clarke
Waiting Night
P. S. Laughlin
25 February 1957

Cead Feadha Sios
Labhras Mac Bradaigh
18 March 1957

Percy Mooney
The Less We Are Together
John O Donovan
22 July 1957

Sean Scully
The Big Birthday
Hugh Leonard
09 September 1957

Rogerigo Callanan
Never the Time and the Place
Lennox Robinson
21 October 1957

Very Rev. Cornelius
The Wanton Tide
Niall Carroll
21 October 1957

Professor Tim
Professor Tim
George Shiels
04 November 1957

Frankie O'Carolan
Give Me A Bed Of Roses
John McCann
25 November 1957

Muireann Agus an Prionnsa
26 December 1957

Turloc O'Connor
Look In The Looking-Glass
Walter Macken
10 March 1958

Tommy Mims
Crabbed Youth and Age
Lennox Robinson
28 April 1958

Guard Crowley
Seven Men And A Dog
Niall Sheridan
28 April 1958

Capt. Anthony Palliser
The Scythe and the Sunset
Denis Johnston
19 May 1958

Lucas Barnaby
A Change of Mind
John O Donovan
04 August 1958

Bob Fitzpatrick
The Risen People
James Plunkett
23 September 1958

Paddy Beirne
A Right Rose Tree
Michael J. Molloy
27 October 1958

Oisin Mac Fhinn
Oisin I dTir Na nOg
Liam O Ceallaigh
26 December 1958

George Kinsella
I Know Where I'm Going
John McCann
26 January 1959

James Tyrone Jr.
Long Day's Journey into Night
Eugene O Neill
28 April 1959

Stranger, Beware
Thomas Coffey
17 August 1959

Erskine Craig
Danger, Men Working
J. D. Stewart
19 October 1959

Lieut. Murphy, M.D.
No Man is An Island
Peter Hutchinson
09 November 1959

Seanie Simmons
In Dublin's Fair City
Criostoir O'Floinn
30 November 1959

Tom Fennelly
It Can't Go On Forever
John McCann
01 February 1960

Philip Mannion
The Money Doesn't Matter
Louis Lynch D' Alton
23 May 1960

Tony O' Shea
Anyone Could Rob A Bank
Thomas Coffey
01 August 1960

Fr. "O Priest" McHugh
The Song of the Anvil
Bryan Mac Mahon
12 September 1960

Sean Barry
The Deputy's Daughter
Anthony Butler
14 November 1960

An Sciath Draiochta
Tomas Mac Anna
26 December 1960

Sergeant Bornican
The Evidence I Shall Give
Richard Johnson
30 January 1961

Gerry O'Neill
All The King's Horses
John Mc Donnell
20 March 1961

Frankie O'Carolan
Put a Beggar On Horseback
John McCann
10 April 1961

1st B Special
The Honey Spike Bryan
[Michael] Mac Mahon
22 May 1961

The Post Office
Rabindranath Tagore
27 May 1961

The Long Sorrow
Thomas Coffey
19 September 1961

Diarmuid Agus Balor
Aoin [Eoghan] O Tuairisc and Antoine
26 December 1961

Robert Emmet
A Light in the Sky
Donal Giltinan
27 February 1962

Finn Thompson
In Tir-Na-nOg
Gerald Mac Namara
19 March 1962

Peter Murnaghan
They Got What They Wanted  
Louis Lynch D' Alton
09 April 1962

The Enemy Within
Brian Friel
06 August 1962

Sammy Rosenberg
A Jew Called Sammy
John McCann
27 August 1962

James Tyrone Jr.
Long Day's Journey into Night
Eugene O Neill
24 September 1962

An Claoimh Soluis
Antoine de Buitleir
26 December 1962